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Date: 10:04 am, Oct 25 2006
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Slap Mod by Xikeon

With the slap mod you can entertain your channel users. You can have fun by teaching the bot some slaps, and then slap others.<br />
<br />
Commands:<br />
!slap &lt;name&gt;<br />
That will slap &lt;name&gt;<br />
!addslap &lt;msg&gt;<br />
That will add a slap. Insert {NICK} for the name said in !slap &lt;name&gt; and {USER} for the name who told the bot to slap<br />
!adminslap<br />
This will show all un-approved slaps. Un-approved slaps will be used, but you can still see if you want to delete them.<br />
!adminslap &lt;ok|del&gt; &lt;slap&gt;<br />
That will approve or delete a slap.<br />
<br />
Have fun!

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This is a support thread. You can ask questions about this mod, or request feature changes as you wish.

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